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DONATION: Give to Harmony Fund

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Please consider adding a small donation.  100% of the profits will go directly to The Harmony Fund.  Harmony supporters, like you, can dramatically impact thousands and thousands of animals who might otherwise go without food, shelter and veterinary care. 

HarmonyFund.Org is a powerhouse helping animals in impoverished communities across the globe. The Harmony Fund offers a lifeline to underdog animal rescue groups across the globe.  Harmony's partners are the small, incredibly courageous animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where animal welfare is little to non-existent. 

Some of the amazing things Harmony does:

  • Food and veterinary care for animals in struggling rescue centers.
  • Street feeding patrols to provide daily meals for homeless dogs and cats in several countries.
  • Anti-snaring patrols and wildlife rehabilitation in Africa.
  • Care for rescued farm animals.
  • Legal initiatives to fight cruelty and neglect.
  • Spay/neuter campaigns for homeless and rescued animals.
  • Supplemental food as well as rescue and adoptions for dogs in neglectful pounds.

Gratitude and respect are Harmony's cornerstones.  The Harmony Fund focuses on a spirit of joy and determination as they pursue essential operations to provide food, veterinary medicine, shelter and protection from cruelty for animals worldwide.

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