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Hot Cars Kill: Magnet / Cling Film

  • $6.99

Available as:  Sticker • Magnet • Cling Film
♥  Magnet: 7.5" x 4"
♥  Cling Film: 7.5" x 4" (cling film* can stick on BOTH sides)
♥  High-Gloss Finish. 
♥  Perfect for a car, laptop case, window, file cabinet, etc.
♥  Made in USA.
Are you a Nonprofit, Rescue, School, etc.?  Email me for volume discount.
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*Cling Film:  Cling Film is a removable, reposition-able sticker.  It will attach to any smooth, clean surface, like glass or metal.  Front and back of cling will affix to surface. 

The following is a general recommendation on steps that can be taken to apply your Red and Howling Cling stickers. 

APPLICATION SURFACE: Clings will adhere to a variety of smooth, clean surfaces, such as glass, plastic, chrome, and high gloss smooth, painted surfaces.

SURFACE PREPARATION:  For proper adhesion, the surface must be clean and dry.  Clings will NOT stick well to surfaces with dirt, grease, or oil.

For best results, application surface and material should be at 50° F (10 Celsius).

Once surface is clean and dry, remove the static cling from the backing and place it on surface. If placement is incorrect,  gently remove entire cling and reposition—do not attempt to slide the cling around.  Once your cling sticker is in position, roll any trapped air out, working from the center of the cling to the edges.  Use a rubber roller or cloth to rubdown/smooth out surface.

REMOVAL:  Clings can easily be removed and reused. Cling should be stored on its original backing, in a clean, dry environment.

REUSE:  When reusing clings, if adhesion seems weak,  dip material in warm water to increase adhesion, then apply.

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