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Mystery Misfits Surprise Box!

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As I create new products, I'm sometimes left with overstock, samples, or items with minor defects (stray ink on shirts/prints, etc.), they are however, still lovely and deserve a home!

If you purchase my Mystery Misfits Surprise Box, you will be guaranteed a wonderful, selection of Red & Howling goodies (again, some with imperfections). 

When shirts are available, they will be included in your box, so please specify size preference and if I have that size t-shirt in stock, I will include it.  If not, I will send closest size available :).

Your box will include $70+ of the following:

  • Fine art giclee prints, Mini Prints & Tiny Prints
  • Red & Howling t-shirt
  • One-off samples (not available on my shop): wood plaques, etc.
  • Greeting cards
  • Magnets and drink coasters
  • Out-of-season items (holiday cards, etc.)
  • For Dogs Sake! book & Yoga to the Rescue yoga deck
  • Red & Howling Music (acoustic guitar cd by my hubby)
  • Tea/Coffee mug (travel and ceramic) when available


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