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ONE of a KIND: "Antidepressants" Sweatshirt-L

  • $49.95

Only one available: Size: L

(I love to find fun, unique pieces and make them "One of a Kind" offerings on my shop.  You'll be the only one with this exact sweatshirt/t-shirt.  Sometimes it is so cute, I'll buy two of them, but that is the limit :).


Color: Heather Grey
Rounded Bottom w/ side slits
Hooded sweatshirt
Brand: MV Sport
70% Viscose| 16% Cotton /11% Polyester/ 3% Elastane


This is a new t-shirt process for me.* The artwork is a commercial grade transfer hand applied by me!  Unlike the DTG shirts I printed before, these new shirts require gentle care (this doesn't mean they are not sturdy). Properly cared for, this shirt will last a long time.

To keep it looking good, please don't wash in hot water or heat dry.  Wash inside-out, cold water.  Hang dry. 

 *I no longer print my shirts in Wisconsin using DTG printing.  I create ALL t-shirts myself in my studio!  My artwork is beautifully printed on special transfer material by a wonderful company in Ohio, USA (they are the best innovators & creators of heat transfers in the nation.  They also happen to be very nice people!).  I purchase blank shirts and use a professional heat transfer machine to carefully press my artwork onto each shirt.  This has given me the freedom to print a bigger variety of my art on a bigger variety of colors and items (totes to sweatshirts!).    

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