I’m so excited to share my artwork with you in my new shop!  I work to put food in my dog's bowl and a roof over our heads (and the occasional Ramen noodle for myself), but I also work to help animals.  My journey began when I co-founded Adopt-a- Pet.com many moons ago.  What started out as a handful of friends with a common goal—helping rescue and shelter animals get maximum visibility and ultimately, loving homes—has blossomed into a nonprofit that receives 2 million visitors a month and actively works with over16,000 rescues and shelters.  

I wanted to do more and be able to use my love of drawing, so I created the cartoon, Red & Howling (if you're curious about the origins of the name, visit the About Me page).  Red & Howling celebrates the infinitely deep love we feel for animals and their magical ability to heal us in so many ways.  

I'm just getting started, but this year,  I've donated lots of prints and books to rescues. I also actively donate a percentage of profits from my book, For Dog's Sake! to Adopt-a-Pet.com's Veterinary Care Fund which gives out grants to rescues and shelters.

With your patronage, I'll be able to help more animals, so thank you for shopping!

Photos: L to R
1) Me and a group of awesome people came together and created the ”Happy Dog Fun Kit” (10 Kits and over $2000 in dog goods) which we donated to four different rescues.  2) My "Bulldog Smile" print (available here in my shop) that has raised $800 for Road Dogs & Rescue. 3) Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue's fundraiser.

Onward and upward!

September 13, 2016 — Red and Howling


Gaye Pardo said:

Love all your little guys and goodies…!!!

Sharon Oh said:

So glad I notice items for sale on your Facebook page . . . I guess I noticed the books before – but it never clicked! Thanks for putting out in our face. Love it – hope your opening was all you were hoping for.

Lisa Lundgren said:

I love your store!

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