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Amy Luwis is an author/illustrator and an animal advocate.  She is the author of the dog safety book, For Dog's Sake! and the creator of the heartwarming, award-winning cartoon site

Amy's deep love and respect for animals led her to co-found the nonprofit, which has evolved into North America's largest pet adoption website and a powerful advocate for homeless animals.  Tens of thousands of animals are adopted every year through Adopt-a-Pet.

Amy also supports many rescue and advocacy groups on an ongoing basis all year long through various Donation Prints on the Red & Howling Shop.

 “There are dog people and then there is Amy Luwis. In dog world terms, Amy is a multi-hyphenated triple threat: author-cartoonist-advocate. As a life-long animal lover and co-founder of, Amy is deeply dedicated to making the world a better place for all of its living creatures.”




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Some of the Non-Profit, Rescue and Advocacy groups Red & Howling has worked with and donated to through Donation Prints on the Red & Howling Shop: