Thanks to your incredible support—since opening my store in September 2017—I've been able to donate over $4,000 to the following amazingly dedicated rescue & advocacy groups: Harley's Dream, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, Chews Life Dog Rescue, Southern California Bulldog Rescue, All Mutts Matter, A Place to Bark and's Veterinary Care Fund.  

I feel incredibly grateful to have met and worked with so many special people over the last few months.  Most of the nonprofits that I work with are 100% volunteer-based groups who rely solely on donations to be able to do the work they do.  These groups are on the front lines, pulling dogs from high kill shelters and rescuing animals who've been abandoned and abused.  They work long, stressful hours, seven days a week to help animals.  My goal is simple,  help these amazing people, so they can help more animals in need.

L-R: All Mutts Matter, SoCal Bulldog Rescue, A Place to Bark, Chews Life Dog Rescue, Harley's Dream, and Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

February 13, 2017 — Red and Howling

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